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4 Ways Your Phone System Can Help Grow Your Auto Dealership eBriefs:

eBrief #1 – Keep CSI Scores High by Keeping Missed Calls Low
Learn how properly managing missed calls and voice mails can result in a 9.3% improvement in sales quota achievement.

eBrief #2 – Build a Better BDC with Your CRM
Are you outsourcing your BDC? Find out why that's a bad idea and how integrating ELEADS1ONE, DealerSocket, or other CRM with your communications system can help create an efficient, cost-effective in-house contact center.

eBrief #3 – Forecast to Keep Your Service Bays Full
Your service drive has a fixed capacity. Learn how to use tools like automated IVR programs to build an accurate forecast against service capacity and avoid customer bottlenecks -- and lower CSI scores. 

eBrief #4 – Centralize Phone Lines with SIP to Reduce Communications Costs
Do you have five or more rooftops? Are you still contracting for phone service for each of your store locations? Find out how SIP trunking can save you 30-60% on your monthly communications costs and enable you to reduce your number of phone lines to one-third or even one-half for even more significant annual savings. 

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