Do you need to escalate your installation with Vertical Communications?

We're here for you. Use the below steps to get in touch with the best person for your issue. 

First, Contact Your Project Manager 

For any generic issues, contact your Project Manager. If you are a new Vertical Communications customer, keep in mind that you will be contacted after your contract is processed with the name and contact information of your Project Manager. 

If your Project Manager is not able to help in a satisfactory or timely fashion, then it may be time to escalate the issue.


Second, Escalate Your Installation

For unusual installation issues, use the below contact information. Make certain to start with contacting the National Installation Manager first, followed by the remaining points-of-contact. 

long arrow-1.png

Contact  1-3.png

Bill Aiken

Nat'l Installation Mgr.

Contact 2.png

Ray McCloud

VP of Operations

Contact 3-2.png

Marc Niknam

Sr. VP of Operations

Contact 4.png

Ben Treadway


Direct - (770) 864-8758

Direct - (602) 638-5611

Mobile - (602) 576-1657

Direct - (480) 374-8800

Mobile - (480) 650-4028

Direct - (770) 864-8701

Mobile - (678) 429-9802



Do you need help with something else?  Let us know now. Fill out the below form and someone will be in touch on the next business day.