Project management can make or break your phone system implementation. 

Whether it's new software implementation, transition to the cloud, or building a new location, quality project management can make or break your success. It's critical that you partner with a provider that understands your business, tailors the solution to your precise needs, and guarantees that the implementation process run smoothly.

Vertical can help. 

When choosing a new phone system, the decision is about more than just the product. The implementation is just as important to the success. Selecting a phone system provider with quality project management, a professional team, and years of experience will help you get the most out of your investment. At minimum, your potential phone provider should have an outlined process of their own that must cover the below steps:

Implementation Process

To help you understand what you should expect out of planning and project management, Vertical has created "A Buyer’s Guide to Evaluating Planning and Project Management for Phone System Implementations"

Buyers Guide

Following these steps, as well as a few other "secret sauce" ingredients, guarantees that you're satisfied at launch and throughout the life of your phone system. Vertical Communications is an expert who can help you select and implement the right phone system for your company. Contact us today by filling out the adjacent form or calling 252-618-6500.