You expect a high level of voice quality when selecting a cloud-based business communications system. But how do you know which providers can actually deliver?

The Tolly Group, a leading global provider of testing and third-party validation and certification services, tested the voice quality of 4 different services across a variety of normal and less-than-ideal conditions. They subjected the services to packet loss, jitter (delay), bufferbloat and other conditions that can potentially degrade voice quality. The Tolly Group compared:

  • 8x8 Virtual Office
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Online
  • RingCentral Office
  • Google Voice/Hangouts

The Bottom Line
The 8x8 Virtual Office solution delivered the highest voice quality in the majority of the test cases: across scenarios, client platforms and impairment conditions. In the few cases where 8x8 results were not the highest, they were close to the other solutions tested.

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