Protecting Your Communications from Internet Outages

How to assess your cloud provider’s disaster prevention and make sure you are protected.

In August 2020 a CenturyLink Internet outage caused 3.5% of ALL internet users to lose service. This disaster meant that thousands of businesses lost their communications during the outage, bringing their business to a halt, and causing irreparable business loss.

This can, and will, happen again. So how do you protect your communications and your business, and keep your communications up and running? The answer is a thoroughly vetted Disaster Prevention as a Service offering.

Join Vertical’s V.P. of Marketing and Product, Kevin Butler to learn how to assess your cloud provider's Disaster Prevention as a Service offering and whether or not the solution will protect you from disasters. This webinar will make sure that your business isn’t one of the 40% who fail permanently when disaster strikes. Topics include:

  • The true cost of disaster on a business.
  • The critical differences between disaster prevention and disaster recovery.
  • The key values that a cloud solution brings to preventing disasters.
  • The “services” piece of disaster prevention as a service.
  • Key questions to ask of your cloud provider.
  • Critical architecture planning and design to ensure you are fully protected.
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