Dissecting the Impact of Voice Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Retention

How communications glitches can ruin the customer experience.

Today, communicating with your retail customers is more important than ever. If a customer calls in and has a bad experience such as inaudible menu directions or patchy phone conversations they won’t call back. They'll go somewhere else. Consider this: 82% of customers stop doing business with a company after a bad experience. You can't afford for poor voice quality to ruin your customer relationship.

Vertical can help. Join us for this special Vertical Presents webinar where voice quality expert Kevin Butler will dig into the foundation behind high-quality voice calls and how to guarantee a good customer experience. He will cover:

  • The solution to bad voice calls.
  • How Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) works behind the scenes to guarantee clear calls.
  • What to look for in VQM reporting and how to leverage it.
  • What VQM looks like for Premise and Cloud solutions.

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