Meet Our Contact Center Operations and Technology Expert, Cheryl Odee Helm

Cheryl is a sought-after speaker, educator and consultant in Contact Center operations and technology. Helm Communications, Inc. consultancy practice specializes in assisting clients in defining their contact center technology roadmap, preparing RFIs / RFPs / RFQs, vendor selection and often participating in the implementation. Another focus of the practice is creating customer contact routing designs that meet the needs of both the customer and business, while ensuring the design provides accurate statistics and reporting for moving the organization forward. Those who recommend Cheryl say she is “passionate” about seeing her clients succeed.

Cheryl has worked with organizations in Europe, Australia, Japan, Caribbean, US and Canada and with a broad range of businesses - insurance, health care, travel, hospitality, automobile associations, software companies, helpdesks, manufacturers, telecommunications, utilities, along with governmental agencies.


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Cheryl Odee Helm

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