Meet Our Voice Technology Expert, Kevin Butler

Kevin, the VP of Marketing of Vertical Communications is here to help you leverage your Vertical Communications phone system. Kevin brings 20+ years of experience to the Vertical team and to your blogs. Located in Fort Collins, CO, Kevin has been adding value to the Vertical Communications team since 2010. Kevin has held a variety of roles at Vertical, including Sales Engineer, Manager of Sales Engineering, Director of Product Management, Vice President of Vertical Market Solutions, and Vice-President of Marketing. Prior to joining Vertical, Kevin spent ten years running the Alexander Group, a value-added reseller who sold and implemented Vertical Communications solutions. Before Kevin began his career in telecommunications, he was an Officer in the U.S. Army. Kevin is a compulsive reader, who, in his own words "fails to go snow skiing way too often for someone who lives in Colorado." Kevin and his wife enjoy traveling, most recently spending time in Malaysia. When Kevin isn't contributing to Vertical Communications you can find him playing board games with his wife, friends, and family.


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